Although we always try our utmost to arrange the possibly best services for our customers, a few problems, due to some reasons, still happen somewhere and sometimes. To make sure that the tour is going smoothly and the customers are taken care to the nails, our operators are always online with Yahoo, Skype, e-mail and on mobile 24/7. In order to absolutely clear all the troublesome matters in our tours, please read and follow our problem solving mechanism.
- The tourists and our operator must provide each other with all contact details of tourists' representative, tour guide and operator.
- When a problem occurs, the tourists’ representative must inform the tour guide right away, so that the tour guide will arrange the matter to the satisfaction of customers right then.
- If the customers are not satisfied with the arrangement of the tour guide, the tourists’ representative must inform the tour operator. The operator will have quick appropriate action to settle the problem.
- In any case, the tour guide must inform to the tour operator, and the operator should reconfirm with the tour representative that the problem is solved. If it is not properly solved, then the tourists’ representative must ask for the operator’s action until the two sides reach an agreement.

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