Blessed by nature and predominantly rural, Vietnam is a beautiful country in the south east of Asia. Vietnam is officially called the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and is one of the most densely populated nations in the south East Asia. Main mode of transportation at Vietnam is buses, Rickshaw, bicycles etc. Besides, you can also take taxis, cars or motorbikes on rental basis to see Vietnam.
Big cities of Vietnam like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh have efficient bus services and the tourists can easily reach the center of the city by bus. The bus services are good with buses coming after every 10 minutes to take you around Vietnam.
Taxis are also easily available in Vietnam and are one of the major means of transportation in Vietnam for visitors. Taxis are not only safe but are speedy mode of transportation in Vietnam. Though meters are functional in almost all the taxis, you can also fix the rental prior to the ride.
Besides, cars, bicycles and motorbikes are also available on rental basis to travel around Vietnam. Rail service is another good option to see and move around Vietnam.
Air services are also reasonably good in Vietnam. Vietnam Airlines is the national airlines of Vietnam that operates a modern fleet of western built aircraft. Pacific Airlines is a regional airline that has both domestic and international routes and is the second largest airline of Vietnam.


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