Directly working with local operator with help you reduce the time, money and unsorted problems during tours
- Online with Yahoo, Skype, Outlook 9 hours/day and 6 day/week, available on mobile phone 24/7, we ensure a latest response 2-3 hours after receiving your email.
- No problem is unsolved in time, because we have local representatives and our tour operators are on phone 24/7 that help with quickest solution basing on customers' benefits. See our mechanism for solving problem on tours
Your any amendment in service cut-down which does not conflict with the conditions of booking, or our failure to provide proper services will result in a refund to you by the most appropriate way. Once after giving a refund to a customers, they emailed us that they were extremely surprised to receive that refund, we were no less surprised, because we think that it is completely certain to give a refund when we fail to provide correct services as agreement.
You can communicate with us in English or French, which are the most common languages in the EU.
You'll almost always contact to the same tour operator to the end of your trip. That person will take time to deeply understand your requirement and try his/her best to bring you an unforgettable holiday with interesting experience.
We also have long-termed contracts with a number of experienced tour guides speaking English, French, Spanish, German, Italian. They all committed to bring the best services to our guests.
With our sustainable tourism policy, we get strong support from local service providers, thus we guaranteed best price available.
Besides, with our comprehensive knowledge of destinations and services available, we will provide the right alternatives for customers in case of force majeure such as natural disasters, war or conflicts or any adjustment of the government.

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