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Art works displayed in Hanoi
As many as 80 paintings made by Vietnamese and Korean artists, under the Republic of Korea - Vietnam international exchange program, are being displayed at an Exhibition at 49 Nguyen Du Street in Hanoi.

Spring Flower and Beverage Festival 2011 opens in Hanoi
The Spring Flower and Beverage Festival 2011 is being held at the Vietnam Culture and Art Exhibition Center in Hanoi from January 25 to 30.

Hanoi receives 1.7 million foreign visitors in 2010
An estimate of 1.7 million foreign visitors flocked to Hanoi during the National Tourism Year 2010, representing a year-on-year increase of 62 per cent.

2011 Spring Festival opens in Hanoi
The Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism organised an opening ceremony for the Spring Festival 2011, taking place in Hanoi from January 27-February 1.

Nearly 3 million people visit Hanoi’s relics
About 3 million domestic and foreign visitors flocked to Hanoi in 2010, according to the city’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Plan to preserve UNESCO heritage launched in Hanoi
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on Jan. 22 launched a national action plan to preserve and develop the value of the Giong festival, which has been recognised as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO.

Ha Noi snake village lures visitors for spring festival
Le Mat Village, 7km northeast of Ha Noi, across the Hong (Red River), has become a destination known for its snake catching and gourmet restaurants.

Various activities to be held to welcome Spring in Hanoi
Various art activities to welcome the Party and Spring will be held from January 25 to February 20 at the Hanoi Ancient Citadel.

Spring Festival 2011 to open in Hanoi
The Spring Festival 2011 will be organised from January 20 to 31, 2011 in the Vietnam Exhibition Centre, Giang Vo, Hanoi.

Spring Flower and Tet Beverage Festival 2011 to open in Hanoi
A Spring Flower and Beverage Festival 2011 will be held in Hanoi on January 25-30 at the Vietnam Culture and Art Exhibition Centre in Hanoi.

Hanoi to set off fireworks to welcome Tet
Hanoi will set off fireworks for 15 minutes (0-0.15 am) on February 3 (the first day of the New Year on lunar calendar) at 29 locations, a municipal official said.

Hanoi Tourism Confirms Its Status
The successful organization of important events such as the 1,000 year anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi and Vietnam's role as the President of ASEAN have raised the profile of the capital city in foreign eyes.

Chinese painting, calligraphic, and photographic exhibition in Hanoi
An exhibition of artistic works by artists from Guangxi, China, opened in the Temple of Literature in Hanoi on January 5.

First-phase restoration of Hanoi’s last ancient city gate completed
A project to restore the O Quan Chuong (Quan Chuong Gate) in Hanoi’s Old Quarters saw its first phase accomplished on January 4.

In Hanoi, spring blossoms on Hoang Hoa Tham street
Tet (Lunar New Year Festival) is never complete without spring flowers.
In the north, when the spring comes and hundreds of species of flowers come into bloom, it is time to buy flowers and bonsai to welcome the New Year.

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