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Vietnamese-Japanese cultural club opens in Hanoi
On October 24 the Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association officially opened the Vietnam-Japan Culture Club in Hanoi and marked the first anniversary of the Vietnam-Japan Business Club.

Almost 10 million visit Hanoi this year
Nine million Vietnamese and 960,000 foreign visitors arrived in Hanoi so far this year, representing increases of 40% and 15% over the same period last year, Hanoi Moi (New Hanoi) daily quoted Truong Minh Tien, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

‘Beautiful Hanoi’ photo contest awards presented
VOV News Online has presented awards to the winners of the ‘Beautiful Hanoi’ photography contest which it held in celebration of Hanoi’s 1000th birthday with sponsorship from Sony Vietnam, Petrol Vietnam, and Hello Lund Japan.

French newspaper praises the beauty of Hanoi
France’s “Le Nouvel Observateur” (The New Observer) newspaper has published a two-page article praising Hanoi’s beauty on its 1,000th birthday.

Visitors tour Hanoi by electric buses
During 10 days of Hanoi’s 1,000th Anniversary, the number of tourists sightseeing in the city by electric buses increased from 30% to 40% in comparison to normal days, said a businessman.

Hanoi as seen in French photographer’s eyes
Photos on Hanoi by French artist Dominique De Miscault are on display at an exhibition in Paris from Oct. 7-16.

Parade marks Hanoi 1000th anniversary
Over 30,000 people packed Hanoi’s Ba Dinh Square on October 10 for a lavish parade to mark the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi, with millions more watching the event on television nationwide.

Tours to Hanoi still “hot”
The number of tourists buying tickets to Hanoi during the city’s millennium birthday is rising sharply.

Hanoi food fest tempts taste buds
Vietnamese food-lovers will be able to tuck into quintessential Hanoian fare during a six-day festival that started on Oct. 6 at Ho Tay Park on Lac Long Quan Street to mark the capital's millennium.

Hanoi ceramic road receives Guinness certificate
The 810m-long ceramic painting entitled “Vietnamese patterns in history” on the Hanoi ceramic mosaic mural on October 5 received the “World largest ceramic mural” certificate from the Guinness World Records.

Kites fly in Hanoi’s peaceful skies
A kite festival began at the My Dinh National Stadium on October 6 with the theme “Hanoi – a peaceful sky”.

Foreign friends join in Hanoi’s birthday party
Many overseas visitors felt happy and extremely lucky to be in Hanoi for its millennium anniversary, both those who have lived in Hanoi for many years as well as newcomers to the city.

Hanoi Museum makes debut
An inauguration ceremony for Hanoi Museum was held in Hanoi on October 6 to mark the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi.

Diverse activities celebrate Hanoi’s 1,000th anniversary
A statue of legendary hero Thanh Giong (Saint Giong) was inaugurated at Da Chong Mountain in Hanoi’s suburban district of Soc Son on October 5.

“Moscow Days” to be held in Hanoi
The Hanoi Municipal People’s Committee and Moscow authorities will jointly hold “Moscow Days in Hanoi” from October 8-10 to celebrate Hanoi’s millennial anniversary.

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