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Vietnam Travel General FAQs

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Vietnam travel FAQs What is the climate like in Vietnam?
Vietnam travel FAQs
What is the time difference?
Are there any other entry formalities?
Vietnam travel FAQs
What medical precautions do I need to take?
How safe is Vietnam?
Is language a problem, or can I get by in English?
Should I take my money in cash or travelers' cheques

Where can I find current dong exchange rates?
Where can I change money?
Vietnam travel FAQs
Is it better to use dollars or dong for daily expenses?
How widely accepted are credit cards?
Can I get cash on my credit card?
What recommendations do you have about eating in Vietnam?
Should I bargain for everything?
Is it a good idea to take gifts? What would be appreciated?
What sort of souvenirs are available to bring home?
Is the postal system reliable? How about other forms of communication?
Vietnam travel FAQs
What should I be aware of regarding etiquette

What is the climate like in Vietnam?
Vietnam has a particularly complicated climate and, like elsewhere in the world, weather patterns have been changing over recent years. The situation described below is therefore only an indication of the type of weather you can expect.
Northern Vietnam Climate:
Starting in the north, autumn (September to December) is undoubtedly the most pleasant season. At this time of year it's generally warm (average temps above 20°C), dry and sunny in the delta, though you'll need warm clothes up in the mountains and on the waters of Ha Long Bay. Winter (December to February) can be surprisingly bitter as cold air sweeps south from China bringing fine, persistent mists and temperatures as low as 10°C. Things begin to warm up again in March, which ushers in a period of good, spring weather before the summer heat begins in earnest in May, closely followed by the rainy season in June. This combination makes for hot, sticky weather which takes many people by surprise. Temperatures, which can occasionally reach 40°C, average 30°C, while humidity hovers around 70-75%. The rain comes in heavy downpours, causing frequent flooding in Hanoi and the delta. By mid September, however, the rains are petering out, and from October onwards it's perfect sightseeing weather.
Central Coast Vietnam Climate:
The coastal region from Hanoi south to Hue lies in the typhoon belt. Around Hue, typhoons seem most prevalent in April and May, while further north the season generally lasts from July to November. However, typhoons are incredibly difficult to predict and it really is a matter of luck - or bad

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Vietnam Travel General FAQs

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