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Hanoi Culinary Festival to feature 500 dishes
Some 500 dishes from every part of Vietnam will be introduced at the Hanoi Culinary Festival, which is to be held from October 6-10 at Ho Tay Park, the Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced on Sept. 29.

Jubilant, solemn programmes to celebrate Hanoi birthday
A jubilant and solemn programme was held in the northern province of Ninh Binh on Oct. 1 in re-enactment of the announcement of the Royal Proclamation on the relocation of the capital and the relocation journey.

Activities celebrate Hanoi’s millennium anniversary
A wide range of activities were held in Hanoi on October 2 to mark the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi.

Expats sing happy birthday to Ha Noi
Joe Ruelle, a Canadian who has lived in Ha Noi for eight years, has turned his love for the city into a humorous song.

Evolution of the Old Quarter
Hanoi’s Old Quarter is one of the most exciting parts of the city for tourists but for many residents it’s far from glamourous

Hanoi with millennial celebration activities
Hanoi will organise firework displays in 29 locations to mark the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi on October 10

ASEAN Hotel slashes rate by 20% to welcome Hanoi’s 1000th anniversary
Located on Ngo Si Lien, an old street in Hanoi, the three-star Ngo Si Lien Hotel converges both unique Oriental features and professional and modern style.

250 antiques exhibited to celebrate the 1,000 Thang Long – Hanoi anniversary
250 antiques are exhibited with the theme “From Hoa Lu to Thang Long – Hanoi” at the Ninh Binh Museum to present and display the development of Ninh Binh province over the 1,000 years.

1,000 reporters to cover Hanoi birthday’s celebrations
About 1,000 reporters, including over 100 foreign ones, will cover events to celebrate the 1,000 th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi, which will take place 10 days from Sept. 30.

Hanoi on show through photographers’ eyes
Almost 200 photos taken and collected by foreign ambassadors and diplomats working in Vietnam, as well as researchers, artists and photographers from many countries worldwide are on display at an exhibition that opened in Hanoi on September 24.

Royal edict on wood block sent to Ha Noi
One of a set of Nguyen dynasty wood blocks bearing Chieu doi do (Royal Edict on the Transfer of the Capital) was returned to Ha Noi on Friday.

Bun oc, Hanoi’s tasty winter (and summer) treat
The humble snail has pride of place in Vietnamese cuisine, especially in Hanoi. A kind of snail living in ponds and lakes that grows to the size of a golf ball is used to make a uniquely delicious dish called bun oc (snail noodle soup).

Gala night commemorating Thang Long’s 1,000th anniversary in France
The national flag carrier, Vietnam Airlines, opened a gala night in celebration of the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France, on September 24.

Various activities toward millennium of Thang Long - Hanoi
As there are only four days left to the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi, a series of activities will take place in Hanoi and some large provinces and cities to mark a millennium of struggle for national independence and freedom, promote relations with international friends and increase the capital city’s position.

Ha Noi hotels fully booked 6 days ahead of millennium
Many hotels in Ha Noi are fully booked six days before celebrations begin for the 1,000th anniversary of the capital city.

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