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Location: Khanh Son Stone Instrument is in Khanh Son District, Khanh Hoa Province.
Characteristic: Khanh Son Stone Instrument is a kind of the most primitive instrument of mankind
Besides the discovery of the instrument, excavations and investigations also prove the presence of the signs of creating the instrument right at the place. And this instrument was created by the Raglay people. Khanh Son is mountain district of Khanh Hoa and is also the land of tales and legends with To Hap Valley full of glorious victories during the two wars of resistance against the French and the Americans. In recent years, this name has become known to the whole country and the world thanks to the discovery the "Stone musical instrument", a kind of the most primitive of mankind (discovered in February in Western Highlands by a French, Mr Condominas).

Source : VNAT

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