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Ta Oy and Samouay Districts

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Ta Oy and Samouay Districts are located in geographically mountainous region, from Saravane to Ta Oy is 80 km and to Samouay is about 160 km passing through Ta Oy district. The road conditions is not so good. There is a checkpoint for two countries )Laos and Vietnam) in Samouay. This checkpoint is used only for Laotian and Vietnamese citizens and not allowed for foreign tourists. During the war, the road in Ta Oy, Samouay and Toumlane used to be the famous Ho Chi Minh trail and there are logs of bomb craters and unexploded ordinance (UXO). The local Ethnic living in these regions are Ta Oy, Katang, Pako, kado and Kanay, which are mostly living on slash-and-born cultivation and collecting forest products .

Source: Laos  National Tourism  Administration


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