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Saravance - General Information

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Located : In the southern of Laos
Total Area: 10,691 square meters
Population: 300,000
08 Districts: Saravane, Ta Oy, Toumlane, Lakhonepheng, Vapy, Khongxadone, Lao Ngarm and Samouay

Capital: Saravane

The area was previously volcanic and is characterized by striking mountainous landscapes with wide vistas. Travelers can visit some of this still relatively isolated district, where the ethnic people maintain their traditional life styles. The Bolaven Plateau is an important agricultural base. Its wide range of climate zones and fertile volcanic soil has made it a major producer of coffee and various other fruits and horticultural corps for exports District.

Source: Laos  National Tourism  Administration


Saravance - General Information
Ta Oy and Samouay Districts
Toumlane District
Saravane City