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Champasack - General Information

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Located : A southernmost province bordering on Thailand and Cambodia
Total Area: 15,415 square meters
Population: 600,000
10 Districts: Pakse, Sanasomboun, Bachiangchaleunsouk, Pakxong, Pathoumphone, Phonthong, Champasack, Sukhuma, Mounlapamok and Khong
Capital: Pakse
Fading French colonial architecture and ancient temple ruins make Champasack a place to see evidence of the rich cultural heritage of Laos. Rare freshwater dolphins and powerful waterfalls feature among the highlights to be seen in the province’s nature. Its geographical condition creates one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Laos.
Champasack has a population of about 600,000 including Lowland Lao, Highland Lao, Khmers and many unique ethnic minority groups. The province is also famous for the production of Lao coffee, tea, rattan, and other agricultural produces.
The distance from Vientiane to Pakse, the provincial capital of Champasackis 610 kilometers by Route 13 (south) via the provinces of Borikhamxay, Khammouane, Savannakhet and saravane.

Source: Laos Tourism Organization

Champasack - General Information
Wat Phou Champasack (The second World Heritage Site in Laos)
Wat Phou Asa
Tormor Rocky Channel
Tad Fane Waterfall
Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands)
Pakha, freshwater dolphins of the Mekong
Liphi Waterfall
Khon Phapheng Waterfall
Champasack town