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Wat Phou Asa

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Wat Phou Asa is an ancient Hindu-Khmer pagoda. It was built on flat rock on Phou Kao Klat Ngong Mount in Pathoumphone District. In recent times it has become a well-known National Heritage and Amazing Site. To visit this pagoda, travel along Route 13 (south) from Pakse. Once arriving at Km 38, turn left to Route 18B and travel about 8 kilometers to Ban Klat Ngong Village. It is then a further 2 kilometers walk to the pagoda
Historically, it was built by the Khmers with worshipping links to Wat Phou Champasack. Despite the pagoda being in a damaged stage, it is still an important archeological site where visitors are welcome. Archeologists have surveyed the site and are preparing for restoration. It is hoped that Wat Phou Asa will be preserved shortly so that remains part of Lao Cultural Heritage forever.

Source:  Laos Tourism Organization

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