CBI mission: help exporting to EU

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CBI mission: help exporting to EU

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CBI contributes to the equitable economic development of selected developing countries by providing export marketing and management support to their SME exporters and Business Support Organisations with the purpose of increasing exports to Europe.
CBI stimulates and supports economic activities that are sustainable, socially responsible and environmentally sound. This implies compliance with international social standards, more specifically ILO Conventions, and European consumer health, safety and environmental requirements. Requirements are both legislative and market driven. CBI works with clients who subscribe and strive to comply with these standards and requirements.
In order to accomplish its mission CBI concentrates on five core competencies. These are:
- Market knowledge
CBI has an intimate knowledge of the structures, characteristics, developments and requirements of markets in the European Union.
- Product and production improvement
CBI is able to provide technical assistance in improving products and production processes that contribute to the competitiveness on the EU markets.
- Quality control
Quality is of main concern to the consumers and end users in the European Union. There are multiple rules, regulations and standards on quality (originating from) stipulated by the European Union, national governments, trade & industry, non-governmental organizations, etc. CBI is able to coach exporters and business support organizations in meeting the requirements in this regard.
- Export marketing and management
CBI is able to provide technical assistance and training on improving export marketing and management knowledge and skills within companies and business support organizations.
- Market entry
Through its knowledge of the markets and its long year experience CBI is able to provide guidance and market entry services to companies in gaining access to, maintaining and expanding market share on the EU markets.
For disciplines beyond our core competencies, CBI cooperates with various other specialized organizations.
The Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) was established in 1971.
CBI is an Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and part of the development cooperation effort of The Netherlands.
The organization has five departments dealing with:
- market information;
- export coaching;
- training;
- institutional development of business support organizations;
- general affairs and accounting.
The number of staff employed by CBI is around 37. Besides, CBI calls on the assistance of a large number of external experts for the implementation of activities.

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