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Prasat Krawan

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Prasat Krawan is located in the east of Angkor Wat and south of Banteay Kdei. A enter and depart from the east
Tip: The reliefs in this tower are best viewed in the morning when the east light enters the door, in the afternoon they are barely visible.
It was built in the first half of the tenth century (921) by Completed during the reign of Harshavarman 1 (it may have been built by high court officials) in Hindu religion with following transitional from Bakheng to Koh Ker.
The main point of interest at Kravan is the sculpture on the interior of two of the five towers depicting Visnu and his consort, Laksmi; the scene in the central tower is the most impressive one. These carvings in brick on the interior of a monument are unique in Khmer architecture.
This temple was reconstructed by the French and given a new foundation, interior walls and drains. Some broken bricks were replaced with carefully made reproductions which are marked with the letters CA; representing the Angkor Conservancy These can be seen, for example, on both the interior and exterior of the tower on the right.
Kravan is an unusual arrangement of five towers in a row on one terrace. They are built of brick; the lintels and columns are of sandstone.
This is the only tower with recessed tiers intact, which are visible on the interior. The columns are octagonal, with four bare sides and sandstone rings. This tower enclosed a linga on a pedestal. An inscription on the pillars gives the date 921 for the erection of the statue of Visnu on the interior Decoration (exterior): The east side of the Central Tower is sculpted with male guardians in shallow niches and chevrons and framed figures on the pilasters. A frieze of small heads adorns the lintel. Decoration (interior): The main decoration of this tower, on the left, depicts Visnu taking three steps to span the universe and to assure the gods of the possession of the world. It comprises a standing image of Visnu (with four arms) carrying his attributes-a disc, a ball, a conch and a club. One of his feet rests on a pedestal; nearby a person is meditating and another one is walking on a lotus held by a woman on a background of undulating lines representing the waves of the ocean. On the right, Visnu (with eight arms) is framed with six registers of people meditating and a giant lizard. This sculpture on brick was formerly coated with stucco and was probably highlighted with colours.
This temple was dedicated to Laksmi, wife of Siva. She holds the symbols of her powers in her four hands and is flanked by kneeling admirers, the niche with multiple lobes is decorated with tassels and floral swags.
The walls on the interior have no decoration A lintel on the exterior with Visnu on his mount, the Garuda, is skillfully modeled.

Source: Ministry of Tourism of the Kingdom of Cambodia


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