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Xayabury - General Information

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Location : In northwestern Laos
Total Area: 16,389square meters
Population: 330,000
10 Districts: Xayabury, Khop, hongsa, Ngeun, Xienghone, Phiang, Parklai, Kenethao, Botene and Thongmyxay
Capital: Xayabury
Travel to this rugged landscape will reveal many beautiful mountains and flower gardens. The local people earn their living via agricultural products such as growing rice, cucumbers, cotton, cabbages, beans and sugarcane. Elephants continue to be used for loading and transporting heavy items.

Sightseeing includes; Xayabury District
Tam Hine Cave
Wat Natonoy Temple
Ban Yao Village
Tad Chao Waterfall
Phiang District
Tad Namyal Waterfall
Tham Phaway Cave
Phangoy, Phakeo and Pha Heua Caves
Kenethao District
Tad Namphong Waterfall
Wat Siphoun Temple
Tham Seng Yeun Cave
Betene District
Tad Ham, Tad Malou and Tad Fanh Waterfall
Ban Leu Village
Hongsa District
Tad Itan Waterfall
Ban Tha Xuang Village
Ngeun District
Wat Xieng Ngeun Temple
That Mat Stupa Khone, the weaving village

Source: Laos Tourism Organization

Xayabury - General Information