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Oudomxay - General Information

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Located : In the northern of the country
Total Area: 15,370 square meters
Population: 250,000
05 Districts: Xay, La, Namor, Nga, Beng, Hoon and Pakbeng
Capital: Xay
Oudomxay is populated by some 23 ethnic minorities mainly Hmong, Ekor (Akha) and Khammu. Adventurous eco-tourism tours can be arranged from village to village with travel either by oxcart or on foot. Tad Lak Sip Et Waterfall at Km 11 in Muong Xay District, as well as hot springs and temples at Muong La District and Phouxay Mountain are among some of the outstanding natural scenery aorth visiting when in the area. Oudomxay’s proximity to China has brought the province rapid economic groeth and infrastructure developments, including good road access to the provincial capital, Xay District.

Source:  Laos  National Tourism  Administration

Oudomxay - General Information
Muong La District