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Khammouane - General Information

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Location : In the middle part of Laos
Total Area: 16,135 square meters
Population: 330,000
09 Districts: Thakhek, Mahaxay, Nongbok, Hinboun, Nhommalath, Bualapha, Nakai, Xebangfay, and Xaybuathong
Capital: Thakhek

Located in the middle part of Laos and it shares the northern border with Borikhamxay, the southern with Savannakhet, the east with Vietnam and the west with Nanork Phanom, Thailand.
The natural resources are mountains and forests, for example: The Nakai Namtheun forest preservation area of the total 352,200 ha, the Hinnamnor preservation area 82,000 ha and Phou Hinpoun150,000 ha, These forests make the province very beautiful with many natural caves. The Xebangfay (239 km long), Hinboun, Namtheun and Namgnum are the main rivers of the province.

Source: Laos  National Tourism  Administration

Khammouane - General Information
The Great Wall
Tham Khonglor Cave “Beauty in the Dark”
Thakhek Town
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