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Ban Nam Khok ( The Lue Village)

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The named “Bokeo” means the pits of sapphires or called “Keo-Praseuth” because it is a rich mining center for gold and sapphire. Commercial mining for precious stones and gold is a special feature of the province. In particular, you can visit Ban Nam Khok (The Lue village), 6 kilometers from the town and Ban Houi Sala (The Hmongvillage), which is around 18 kilometers from Bokeo town.
If you travel approximately 26 kilometers north from the center of Houixay District to Ban Namkeung Kow, Ban Namkeung Mai and Ban Done Dang it is possible to visit traditional Lue villages. The residents migrated from the Muong Sing District in Luangnamtha Province. The villages can be reached by taking a boat trip upstream from province. Spectacular Mountain scenery, river travel and multi-ethnic groups make Bokeo a fascinating Province to visit.

Source: Laos  National Tourism  Administration

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Ban Nam Khok ( The Lue Village)