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An Thoi Islands

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An Thoi township, situated on the southern tip of the island. The An Thoi district consists of 15 islands stretching to southwest form the town.
An Thoi is home to the main ferry port for services from Rach Gia on the mainland, as well as the islands naval bases and the majority of the islands fish sauce factories.
There are regular ferry services from Rach Gia but be careful to travel only when the seas are calm (only a problem in the rainy season), to avoid an unpleasant trip alongside nauseous passengers.
As a piece of trivia, it is alleged that U.S. Presidential hopeful, John Kerry, was actually serving in An Thoi when he was he was supposedly recovering from the injuries for which he later received the Purple Heart.

See information on An Thoi Port in war time (1965) By Robert B. Shirley

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