An Nam Junk
The An Nam Junks, wooden deluxe junks that combine old style of Vietnamese junk with modern comfort. Their length are 26 meters with three decks comprising a restaurant, a bar plus one suite ocean view and five deluxe sea view cabins...

TOURISTS IN Red Dragon Junk

Red Dragon Junk

Red Dragon Junk ( 05 Deluxe Cabins) has been launched on 22nd March, 2008...

TOURISTS IN Princess Junk

Princess Junk
Launched in September 2007 with 2 first private Junks named Princess I & Princess II which offer luxury and perfect services in the World Heritage of Halong Bay...


Hai Au Cruise
Junks are made by the best shipwrights in Asia. They use only the finest materials and use traditional secrets, Which comply with the high standards of government approval...

TOURISTS IN Bai Tu Long Junk

Bai Tu Long Junk
Style: Pagoda roof.
Size: Length: 26m, Wide: 5.8m.
Engine: YANMAR, made in Japan with capacity 105 CV...

TOURISTS IN Sea Turtle Junk

Sea Turtle Junk
On the Halong bay with almost two thousand small islands, one of the last junk with sails still accommodates on its board some in love with the history and nature...

TOURISTS IN Victory Star Junk

Victory Star Junk
Just launched on April 1, 2009, the Victory Star Junk offers the perfect mix in traditional elegance and modern comfort. Special attention has been paid to the...

TOURISTS IN Pinta Cruiser

Pinta Cruiser

TOURISTS IN Pinta Gold Cruiser

Pinta Gold Cruiser

TOURISTS IN Santa Maria Cruise

Santa Maria Cruise
Santa Maria Cruiser boasts 8 fully equipped cabins, a gourmet restaurant and bar, a outdoor dining, lounging areas, and a spacious tanning deck. The junk boat truly is a dream escape...

TOURISTS IN Dragon Pearl Junk

Dragon Pearl Junk
In keeping with the tradition of wooden boat building, this 32 meter long, 8-meter wide masterpiece is constructed of the finest quality materials by the hands of skilled craftsman. Designed after the Chinese sailing Junks of old, there are three traditional sails..

TOURISTS IN Nina Cruiser

Nina Cruiser

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