Elena Ms came to Vietnam in 2011

Hello Trong,
I thought that I sent a letter about how relaxed my friends and acquaintances. But I repeat:
1. Family of Strelkovs (in spite of the difficulties of flights, route changes) is very satisfied with their stay. The only thing they regret - is that not go a month and less. They loved it. And despite the fact that they have a very small child (and I am afraid it is for it), everything went perfectly. Svetlana Strelkova told me that she necessarily has to come to Vietnam.
2. Family Baranovs rest (remember) with his granddaughter for the third time. Therefore they have no claims can not be (otherwise they would have changed a trip to another country, but they do not)
3. Fedorkins family with two children is also very happy with their holiday (despite the early departure from Saigon). They liked everything - the service conditions and weather. The only thing for them was a tedious return flight. They had a very long time to be at the airport in Saigon. Flight delayed for 2 hours and they left almost 1 am. The children were tired and slept at the airport. So I always recommend that on the way back stop at one night in Saigon, and quietly, relaxing ride to the airport 2 hours prior to departure, but not for 6 hours.
4. A group of three people (Ryazanov) - called me on 8 March and congratulations on the holiday and were also very happy with our stay. They managed to burn around the pool (despite the fact that the sun was behind clouds). But they were the happiest of us - they are resting.
By the way, I think we'll go back to Vietnam with friends in December. But this time, for 1 month and not at the end of the month, and the numbers on December 12. Soon, we will discuss this issue and I'll let you know. We would like to get to Cambodia. Just do not know where it's better to do (from what city). Want to visit the island of Phu Quoc (from 30 December to 7 January) and I also read about a new hotel on your site - "Sea Light". Just do not understand where it is located and whether there is a beach (the sea) in this hotel (I mean as in Diamond Bay). Can you give us something to recommend themselves. Guided the company to go out of 6 people.
Our best regards,
Elena ms