Chien Dan Towers
HTML clipboardLocation: Located in Tam An Commune, about 5km from the city of Tam Ky, Quang Nam Province; 60km south of Da nang City, near the National Highway 1.
Characteristics: Chien Dan Tower is a group of three towers built in the 11th or 12th century and dedicated to three deities of the Champa Kingdom: Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.

Chuc Thanh Pagoda
HTML clipboardLocation: Chuc Thanh Pagoda is located in Cam Pho Ward, Hoi An Town, Quang Nam Province, about 2 km from the center of Hoi An.
Characteristics: The pagoda was founded at the end of the 17th century by Priest Minh Hai, Chuc Thanh Pagoda was well known because it was there that the Thien Chuc Thanh chapter of the Thien Lam Te religion originated.

Japanese Covered Bridge
HTML clipboardLocation: Japanese Covered Bridge, also called the Pagoda Bridge (Chua Cau) is located in Hoi An Town, Quang Nam Province.
Characteristics: The Pagoda Bridge was built in the 16th century and is still incredibly well-preserved.

My Son, a World Heritage Site
HTML clipboardLocation: My Son lies in a narrow valley in Duy Tan Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province. 70km southwest of Danang City, 20km away from the Tra Kieu Citadel, and 40km away from the ancient town of Hoi An.
Characteristics: My Son is a group of temple-towers of Cham people. With its great value, in December 1999, the complex of My Son Cham Towers has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Ong Pagoda
HTML clipboardLocation: Ong Pagoda is located at 24 Tran Phu St., Hoi An Town, Quang Nam Province.

Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall
HTML clipboardLocation: Located at 46 Tran Phu St., Hoi An Town, Quang Nam Province.
Characteristics: Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall, also called Kim Son Pagoda, was built in 1692 by Chinese Phuoc Kien merchants.

Phuoc Lam Pagoda
HTML clipboardLocation: Phuoc Lam Pagoda is located in Cam Ha Ward, Hoi An Town, Quang Nam Province.
Characteristics: Phuoc Lam Pagoda belongs to Lam Te-Chuc Thanh Buddhist sect. It was built in ancient Asian architectural style, constructed according to the Chinese character �Mon�.

Tra Kieu Church
HTML clipboardLocation: Tra Kieu Church is situated in the old quarter of Tra Kieu, Duy Son Commune, Duy Xuyen Distric, Quang Nam Province; 45km south of Danang City.
Characteristics: It was built in 1722 at one location, and then transferred to its current site in 1865.

Vien Giac Pagoda
HTML clipboardLocation: Vien Giac Pagoda is located in Cam Pho Ward, Hoi An Town, Quang Nam Province.

Bang Than
HTML clipboardLocation: Ban Than is located in Tam Hai Commune, Nui Thanh District, to the north of Bai Rang.
Characteristics: Ban Than is a place for people who love excitement, and is ideal for organizing adventurous tours.

Cu Lao Cham (Cham Islands)
HTML clipboardLocation: Cu Lao Cham is situated in Tan Hiep Commune, 20km from Hoi An in the direction of the East Sea.
Characteristics: Cu Lao Cham consists of eight islets very close to one another: Hon Lao, Hon Kho Me, Hon Kho Con, Hon Tai, Hon Dai, Hon La, Hon Mo and Hon Ong.

Cua Dai Beach
HTML clipboardLocation: Cua Dai Beach is located in the area of Cam An Ward, about 4km to the north-east of Hoi An Town, Quang Nam Province.
Characteristics: Cua Dai Beach is over 3km in length and up to 300m in width. The beach boasts fine white sand, clear and blue water, moderate slopes and small waves, which make it ideal for recreational activities like swimming and other sea sports.

Ha My Beach
HTML clipboardLocation: Ha My Beach is located in Dien Duong Commune, Dien Ban District, about 6km to the south of Ngu Hanh Son.

Hon Kem - Da Dung Landscape
HTML clipboardLocation: Hon Kem - Da Dung lie alongside the two banks of Thu Bon River, belonging the two communes of Que Lam and Que Phuoc (Que Son District), Quang Nam Province.
Characteristics: This landscape is an area of two ranges of stone mountains with strange images and patterns stretching out and interfering with the flow of Thu Bon River.

Lim Mountain Creek
HTML clipboardLocation: Lim Mountain Creek is located in Dai Dong Commune, Dai Loc District, Quang Nam Province.
Characteristics: This creek originates from Am Thong Mountain range on the Hio- Hiu Peak at a height of 882m from sea level.

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