Saravance - General Information
Located : In the southern of Laos
Total Area: 10,691 square meters
Population: 300,000

Ta Oy and Samouay Districts
Ta Oy and Samouay Districts are located in geographically mountainous region, from Saravane to Ta Oy is 80 km and to Samouay is about 160 km passing through Ta Oy district. The road conditions is not so good.

Toumlane District
HTML clipboardToumlane is 48 km from Saravane town; it is among the oldest district in Saravane Province, where the road No. 23 constructed during the French colonial time is passing by to Muong Phin (Savannakhet Province)

Saravane City
HTML clipboardIt’s a capital, administrative, economic and cultural center of Saravane Province; it is located on the Riverbank of Sedone River. In the past Saravane town was completely burned and destroyed during Indochina war in 1971

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