Kep City - General Information
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Province: Kep City
Area: 336sq km

Population: 34,836

Angkol Beach
HTML clipboardName: Angkol Beach
How to go: 26 km (1h) From Provincial Town.

HTML clipboardName: Casino
Location: Kep Village, Kep Commune, Kep District.

HTML clipboardName: Handicraft
Description: Tourists usually interested in availability of many kinds of handicraft that we found mostly from Kampot province such as: - Shell Handicraft: They collect varied shells of snail and oyster to make figures of sea animals.

Kep Beach
HTML clipboardName: Kep Beach
How to go: 1 km (5mn) From Provincial Town.

Koh Ton Say Resort
HTML clipboardDescription: It is the natural resort locating at the Southeast of Kep town in 4.5-kilometer distance from the town, and has two beaches suitable for swimming because they have white sand and shallow water. At the bottom of the sea, there are varied fish, plant and coral, which enable the research on ecology.

Phnom Sar Sear Resort
HTML clipboardDescription: It is the natural and cultural resort locating at the Southeast in 14-kilometer distance from the provincial town of Kam Pot. When the King, Sa Kor Reach and his troop arrive at the seaside area, he gets off the horseback and move furtively along the mountain side (at that time the mountain was an island) for fleeing.

Phnom Sar Sear
HTML clipboardName: Phnom Sar Sear
How to go: 14 km (30mn) From Provincial Town.

Salt Manufacturing
HTML clipboardName: Salt Manufacturing
Description: Is well known in Cambodia and found in the seaside province of Kampot. The product assured for local consumption and exportation.

Wat Samot Reangsey
HTML clipboardName: Wat Samot Reangsey
How to go: 2 km (20mn) From Provincial Town.

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