Kampot - General Information
Province: Kingdom of Cambodia
- Area: 4,873sq km
- Population: 558,586
- Density: 108

Bokor Hill Station
HTML clipboardIt is a mountain top collection of buildings (hotel, casino, church, royal residence, etc.), constructed by French authorities in the early 1920s as a compliment to the already popular Kep resort area. In the 1990s a travel author referred to Bokor as ‘the eeriest place in the world’, and it lives up to that reputation.

Caves near Kampot
HTML clipboardThe caves of Phnom Ta’aun are part of a limestone formation. Narrow cave, chimney, passages with rock formations. A bit more interesting are the caves at Phnom Sia.

Kampong Trach
HTML clipboardKampong Trach is the district that borders Vietnam. The road trip from Kampot to the main town passes though some picturesque rural areas. There is a new side road to Kampong Trach town that skirts the base of Phnom Voar, (where the victims of the 1994 Khmer Rouge kidnappings were held.)

Kep Beach
HTML clipboardA single, kilometer long crescent of sand near the tip of the Kep peninsula. Dining platforms and seafood vendors line the road behind the beach. Busy on weekends but often deserted during the week.

Phnom Chhnok
HTML clipboardName: Phnom Chhnok
How to go: 9km (22mn) From Provincial Town.

Phnom Daung
HTML clipboardName: Phnom Daung
How to go: 7 km (11mn) From Provincial Town.

Phnom Seda Orn
Name: Phnom Seda Orn
How to go: 6 km (10mn) From Provincial Town.

Preak Anpil Resort
HTML clipboardName: Preak Anpil Resort
Location: locates at Koh Touch Commune, Kampot District in 18-Kilometer distance, west of the provincial town of Kampot by the National Road No3.

Teuk Chhu Resort
HTML clipboardName: Teuk Chhu Resort
Description: Is the natural resort locating at Snom Prampi Village, Mak Prang Commune, Kampot District in eight-Kilometer distance, North of the provincial town.

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