Tourist Attractions in Xiengkhouang

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Tourist Attractions in Xiengkhouang

Xiengkhouang - General Information
Located : Northeastern Laos
Total Area : 15,880 square meters
Population : 230,000

Mooing Kham
HTML clipboardThis quiet town is very pleasant, but limited in recreation and sightseeing opportunities with just a few guesthouses, a couple of restaurants (mostly specialising in noodle soup) a market and the bus stop.The two premier attractions of Muang Kham are the hot springs and Tham Piew, a large cave that housed over 400 civilians, who were killed when a single rocket was fired into the cave during the Second Indochina War

Muang Khan Cemetery
HTML clipboardUnique and worth a visit just for the unusual site of mixing together Thai Dam animist tombs, Catholic headstones and Laos (Buddhist) tombs, situated east of Phonosavan.

Muang Khoun
HTML clipboardLocated 30 km southeast of Phonsavan. This town was once the Royal Capital and the centre of the Phuan Kingdom. Some might describe it as a shadow of its former self and they would be quite accurate in doing so

Muang Sui
HTML clipboardUsed by the Americans as a landing site for planes during the Second Indochina War, much like neighboring Muang Khoun the town has endured a gradual rebuilding process since its obliteration during the war, and is now part of the Muang Phu Kut district

That Foun (Old Xieng Khuang- Muang Khoun )
HTML clipboardThis Buddhist stupa is also known as That Chomsi. It measures about 30 metres and was built in 1576. The Lanna inspired structure stands tall over the town and can be entered by a cavity left by the Chinese Ho marauders, over a century ago after they looted the stupa in order to seize valuable Buddha images enshrined within.

War Memorials
HTML clipboardSouth of Phonosavan are two major war memorials set 1 km apart on separate hill tops. Both are set in the style of traditional Laos stupas (each containing the bones of the dead) although one is representative of the Vietnamese and the other the Laos lives lost.

Hmong Village
HTML clipboardOn the way to Muong Khoun District, you will pass by Hmong villages where you can observe their simple daily life, which remains in touch with nature and its elements.

Hot Spring
HTML clipboardApprximately52 kilometers north of the provincial capital of Phonsavanh in Muong Kham District there is a natural mineral hot water spring in a beautiful wooden area.

The mystery of the Plain of Jars
HTML clipboardThe mysterious Plain of Jars is situated about 12 kilometers from Ban Phonsavanh, the capital of the province. There are over 300 giant jars scattered across the misty plateau

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