Tara, UK, enter Vietnam 08 Sep 2020
 Great to hear from you. I was meaning to contact you myself so apologies for not doing so before you chased me.
 I really just wanted to thank you for all of your help and assistance with this trip! We were so grateful that we booked via an agent with the train as there were so many people that had done it themselves and ended up sharing with strangers when they thought they had a private cabin. I am sure that would have happened to us if we had booked ourselves.
 And Mr Dat was lovely, a very considerate and careful driver. We had taken lots of pens and wanted to drop the rest at a school and he found us one and waited while we did that. He knew the stops, got us water and we felt very safe with him. With the new road (and he honestly didn't speed), and stops it did only take us around 4.30-5 hours so maybe something to consider if anyone else does the booking?
 So all in, we were really pleased with the trip and so happy we had you to assist us. I've been using your company since 2008 or 9 for visas but this was the first time for anything else. I have always recommended you to my friends and also on the expat forums here in Singapore for those services. Now I'll definitely give your website to those looking to book trips or trains in Vietnam as well.
 Thanks so much for your time and patience on this and helping make it such a success.
 Best wishes