Ignacio, Spain, 31 May 2021

Good afternoon and apologies for the delay.
 Everything went very well in Vietnam and we really enjoyed the three trips arranged with you and everything was well organized.
 The guides for all three tours were very nice and knowledgeable and it was a pleasure to work with them.
 The only criticisms we would make to the whole trip were:
 - the bus drives were too slow (I know it is out of your control, but it is still our feeling) and the 30 min stop at the tourist shop didn't improve the length of the drive not have any specific interest.
 - it was somewhat disconcerting that in an all inclusive package water was not included during the meals. While we understand that sodas, beer or any other are not complementary, it was shocking that water needed to be bought also. Especially since tap water is not an option.
 But apart everything was extremely enjoyable and we have great memories of Vietnam.
 Thank you for all your help and have a nice day.