Vietnam is a new and exotic destination for tourists to discover from all over the world. As an untouched land with diversified geography, Vietnam, a new land of tourism with age-old traditions and culture, newly built resorts and hotels, provides a great variety of interesting tours to tourists. Vietnam can offer ideal tour packages, incentive trips and perfect meeting places. Vietnam is a long S-shaped country bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the Eastern side and Truong Son chain of mountains covered with tropical forest on the West side. That is why visitors are amazed with fascinating entertainment, beautiful beaches, tropical landscapes, towering buildings, colorful royal palaces, kings' tombs and folk culture. Vietnam is a Socialist Republic State with more than 61 provinces and 54 ethnic groups with different cultures and languages. Its more than 4,000-year civilization turns it to be a cradle of human beings in Asia. Both ends of the country are two big river deltas, namely the Red River Delta and the Mekong Delta, full of rice and tropical fruits. Hanoi in the North is the ancient and present capital and Ho Chi Minh City in the South is the biggest economic and cultural city of the country. Economically, agriculture still dominates the country and Vietnam has become one of the leading rice exporters in the world since 1980s.

With more than 3,000 kilometers of coastal lines, Vietnam has many deserted sandy beaches awaiting tourists. Some five-star resorts along beaches in the middle part of Vietnam are hosting many honeymooners, vacationers and business people. Four tourist sites, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoian and My Son have been recognized by UNESCO as the World Heritages thanks to their marvelous settings... A lot of famous sightseeing spots such as Sword Lake, Temple of Literature, Royal Citadel, Kings'Tombs, Chinese Temples, Cuchi Underground Tunnels, etc. in Hanoi, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City may bring visitors different feelings and cultural insights in comparison with neighboring countries.

For more sightseeing, just leave the booming cities behind, get on the tour bus and drive to the countryside where visitors can smell the rice paddies, taste sweet fresh fruits and delicious local delicacies and talk to most simple-minded people. Or they can stretch themselves on a white sandy beach, listening to the waves from the emerald sea. They will feel completely relaxed as if all of their worries have drifted away.

Vietnam is famous for its firm renovation. The whole country is moving quickly towards a bright future thanks to the new "open door" policy. Visitors can easily find newly-established buildings, smiling faces, women in long gorgeous traditional Ao Dai everywhere, colorful outfits, high-rises, nonstop streams of cars and motorcycles, markets full of local and foreign made commodities, offices and factories with modern technology.

The booming economy boosts the development of other fields such as culture, education and tourism. The recent years have witnessed a lot of changes. The whole country is changing rapidly, but still preserves unpolluted environment, primitive forests, etc., which always make Vietnam an exotic destination and an ideal country for ecotourism.