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Location: Phu Cam Main Cathedral is situated at Phuoc Vinh Ward, Hue City.
Characteristic: Phu Cam Cathedral was built in a modern architectural style, designed by the architect Ngo Viet Duc.
In early 1963, the construction of the cathedral was built. To 1965 only the Saint Palace was built and then to 1967, the cathedral was basically completed. Supporting pillars were concreted closely attached to the walls and gradually bended ahead. The three supporting pillars at each of four corners stretch out and create a fairly large space to embrace the whole of Saint Palace and Saint Altar. The Saint Palace is a round shape with foot steps and on the top there is a smaller round shape with the altar made of marble bloc. Temporary house was closely built to the backstage of the cathedral fitted in the concave part behind and settle on a high platform in the center. In the two wings of the crucifix, there is the tomb of the former archbishop Philipe Nguyen Kim Dien (1921-1988) in the left and in the opposite right - the altar for presenting the Saint. The interior of the cathedral was built following classical tradition with Latin Holy Cross and two doors. There are two row of color glass windows located in the upper interior of the cathedral and in the middle, there is a Holy Cross made of steel and concrete. In front of the Phu Cam Main Cathedral there are two molding statues: the right is the Saint Phero, the left is Saint Paulo and other missionaries of the Phu Cam diocese. The open-space of Phu Cam main cathedral looks like an opening-mouth-dragon and in general Phu Cam Cathedral with its top perpendicularly stretching to the sky is very purified and full of artistic and religious characters.

Source: VNAT

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