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Phou Khao Khouay - The National Protected Area

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An extensive sandstone mountain range 40 kilometers northeast of Vientiane is the site of one of Laos’ most beautiful nature reserves. The area encompasses a variety of landscapes and habitats, ranging from sheer sandstone cliffs and pristine river gorges to rough mountainous terrain. Three large rivers and numerous tributaries empty into the nearly Mekong in this area
The diversity of forest types in the area includes evergreen, mixed deciduous, dry dipterocarp and pine, all of which are waiting to be explored. The forest habitat is home to a range of large animals including elephants, tigers, bears, gibbons and languor's, as well as for various reptiles, amphibians and birds. The Green Peafowl, a bird believed to be close to extinction in Laos, can still be found here. While sightings of smaller animals are relatively common, a great deal of patience and luck is needed to observe larger species. During the rainy season (May-October) the reserve comes alive as the forest become green and lush, the waterfalls reach their full flow and sources of vibrantly colored butterflies fill the sky.

Source: Laos Tourism Organization

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