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Sekong - General Information

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Located : In southern Laos
Total Area: 7,665 square meters
Population: 65,000
04 Districts: Lanarm, Kaleum, Dakcheung and Thateng
Capital: Lanarm
It's situated in the heart of the southeastern part of Laos; has common borders with Savannakhet to the North, Saravane to the west, Champasack and Attapeu to the south and Vietnam to the east.
The majority of people are ethnic minority groups. Overall, the Sekong River to valley is characterized by a landscape of a fertile plain patterned with a patchwork of rice paddies and fruits orchards. Dotted through out are villages and small towns such as: Lanarm, Kaleum, Dakcheung and Thateng, where the majority of people floe the unchanging lifestyle of traditional farming.
It’s also a complex geographical conditions form colorful Eco-tourism resources because it’s famous by rich of untouchable for tropical forest and home to many rare species of flora and fauna forest products .

Source: Laos Tourism Organization


Sekong - General Information