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Pongsaly - General Information

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Located : In the northern most of the country
Total Area: 16,270 square meters
Population: 174,000
07 district: Phongsaly, May, Khua, Samphanh, Boon-Neua, Boon-Tai, and Gnot-Ou
Capital: Phongsaly
Phongsaly is situated in the noethern most part of the country sharing borders with Chaina and Vietnam. The population comprises with 13 minority ethnic groups: Khammu, Thai Dam, Thai Daeng, Yao, Leu, Hor, Hmong, Akha, Yang, Bid, Lolo and others. Each minority ethnic group has their own identity, language and culture such as wedding ceremonies, handicrafts, silver wares and jewelry.
Phou Doychy is the highest mountain in the area, has a height of 1,842 meters and 77% of the forest throughout the province. A commanding view of the municipal area can be seen at the peak of Phou Fa Mountain. A height of 1,625 meters can be reached by road or for the energetic; an even better view can be seen by ascending additional 431 steps to the top of Phou Fa.
The weather in Phonsaly is well suited to the saying that it has “four seasons in a single day”. In the morning and evening the cold rolls in. the daytime is very humid and the afternoons are rainy, rendering the forest and surrounding vegetation a luscious green color throughout the year.

Source:  Laos Tourism Organization

Pongsaly - General Information
That Phou Xay Stupa
Wat Luang Ou-Neua Temple
Wat Ou-Tai Temple
Moung Gnot-Ou District