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Luangnamtha - General Information

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Located: A northern province bordering on China and Myanmar
Total Area: 9,325 square meters
Population: 140,000
05 Districts: Namtha, Sing, Long, Viengphoukha and Nalae
Capital: Namtha
Luangnamtha is a northern province bordering on China and Myanmar. The province’s combination of environmental, social, historical and development factors has made it a great location to develop sustainable cultural and eco-tourism initiatives.
Namtha National Biodiversity Conservation Area (NBCA) was established where dense forest cover 90% of the terrain. A vast array of wildlife including wild cattle (guar and banteng), Asian wild dogs, tigers, clouded leopard, bears, monkeys and gibbons can be found living in the NBCA and surrounding area. The lush vegetation of the NBCA is also home to a large population of birds.
The area is populated by a variety of different ethnic groups including such groups as the Khamu, Akha (Eko), Hmong, Yao (Ioumien) and Lanetene. Lowland Lao people, Tai Lue, Thai Neua and Thai Dam also live in villages just outside the protected area and in the areas surrounding the historic town of Muong Sing.

Source: Laos  National Tourism  Administration

Luangnamtha - General Information
Muong Sing District