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Muong Sing District

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Once a garrison town and the most northern outpost during the time of French colonial rule, the town was also the center of the Sipsongpana civilization now living in Yunnan Province in the southern China. The old barracks and other colonial buildings are unusual features worthy of visiting when in this area. This district has a picturesque beauty with mountains and many old temples. Although many temples were destroyed during the war, one major attraction and several old temples remain which are noticeably different in style from the classical tamales found elsewhere in Laos.
Many tour itineraries include an outing to Boten, the Lao-Chinese border Checkpoint and to the west where speed-boats can be taken down the Mekong River through spectacular gorges and rapids to Houixay District and Luang Prabang Province.

Source: Laos  National Tourism  Administration

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Muong Sing District