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Cua Van (Quang Ninh) listed in top 16 most beautiful coastal towns of the world

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Recently, Travel & Leisure Magazine announced list of top 16 most beautiful coastal towns of the world, in which Cua Van fishing village (Quang Ninh Provine, Viet Nam) was ranked ninth.
“Zoom in on picture-perfect coastal destinations, from pastel Caribbean towns to European or Asian fishing villages”, the Magazine emphasized.
Being by the coast can conjure up memories of carefree days and a feeling of possibility. In our ever-connected world, it’s a relief to look up from those screens and out onto a smoothing expanse of blue. Perhaps that is the best reason to visit coastline destinations.
Cua Van fishing village is located in Viet Nam’s dramatic Ha Long Bay, with lush mountains as a backdrop, this little village is completely composed of floating homes. About 700 people (traditionally fishermen) live in anchored houseboats, with kids attending a floating school. Cua Van has become a popular tourist attraction, as visitors want to see this unusual way of life for themselves.
List of top 16 most beautiful coastal towns of the world
1. Polperro, England
2. Saint George, Bermuda
3. Manarola, Italy
4. Camden, England
5. Kotor, Montenegro
6. Lunenburg, Canada
7. Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia
8. Cadaqués, Spain
9. Cua Van, Viet Nam
10. Ilulissat, Greenland
11. Oia, Greece
12. Paternoster, South Africa
13. Rovinj, Croatia
14. Reine, Norway
15. Port Fairy, Australia
16. Sausalito, California, US.


Source: VNAT

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