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Halong Bay tops new world wonders voting group
Halong Bay - one of Vietnam’s two UNESCO natural world heritage sites - had by May 25 risen to the first place in Group G in the voting for the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Ha Long Bay rolls in NewOpenWorld poll
Ha Long Bay was declared one of the 25 most wonderful seascapes in the world on the website of NewOpenWorld on May 25.

Ha Long Bay in top 25 scenic spots
Ha Long Bay made it to the top 25 of the most wonderful seascapes in the world on the official website of Newopenworld (NOW) on May 25.

ASEM delegates vote for Ha Long Bay
More than 40 international delegates attending the second ASEM Education Ministerial Meeting (ASEMME-2) on May 16 visited Ha Long Bay and voted for the bay as one of seven natural wonders of the world.

Ha Long climbs to 2nd in world wonders voting group
One of Vietnam’s two UNESCO natural world heritage sites ascended to second place in Group G in the voting for the New 7 Wonders of Nature on May 4.

“Ha Long Heritage Gala” performance
A “Ha Long Heritage Gala” performance was held at night on May 2 on Bai Chay wharf in Ha Long city, northern Quang Ninh province.
The unique and impressive event is the last in a series as part of the 2009 Ha Long carnival.

More than 80,000 tourists visit Ha Long Bay
Bai Chay – Quang Ninh Port announced that 80,000 tourists bought tickets to visit Ha Long Bay during the Ha Long Tourism Week 2009 from April 24th to May 2nd.

Back to the bay
Up to half a million tourists are descending on the city of Ha Long to enjoy the festivities this week.

Ha Long Bay festival kicks off
The opening ceremony of the 2009 Ha Long Bay Tourism Festival was held in Bai Chay tourism area and Ha Long city center on April 25.

If Ha Long Bay could talk…
What is more important: Ha Long Bay becoming one of the seven new natural wonders of the world in the selection held by the New7Wonders or it being preserved well and protected from being damaged by man? How might the bay answer?

Offshore paradise
Spending a couple of days floating on the waters of Halong Bay is always an unforgettable experience for Duc Hanh

Ministry calls for votes for Ha Long Bay
The Foreign Ministry has called upon diplomats at home and abroad to vote Ha Long Bay as one of new world wonders.

The costly "game” with Ha Long Bay
Will Vietnam benefit if Ha Long Bay is voted as one of the seven new world natural wonders, as it has already twice been recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage?



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