Tourist Attractions in Mui Ne, Binh Thuan

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Tourist Attractions in Mui Ne, Binh Thuan

Hang Pagoda (Co Thach Pagoda)
HTML clipboardLocation: Hang (Cave) Pagoda with an ancient name, Co Thach Tu (ancient pagoda on Co Thach Mountain), in Binh Thanh Village, Tuy Phong District was built in 1835 by Bonze Bao Tang, a member of the 40th generation of the main line of the Thien Lam Sect.

Ta Cu Pagoda
HTML clipboardLocation: In Ta Cu Mountain, Tan Lap Commune, Ham Thuan Nam District, Binh Thuan Province, 30km south of Phan Thiet City.
Characteristics: The pagoda was founded by Patriarch Huu Duc in the late of 19th century, and was restored in 1963.

Hon Rom
HTML clipboardLocation: Going from Phan Thiet to Mui Ne for 26km, then for more 4km along the seashore tourists will set foot in the Hon Rom.
Characteristics: The beach is clean and beautiful with clear blue water.

Phu Quy Island
HTML clipboardLocation: Phu Quy Island has an area of 16.5 sq km and population of 20,698 people (in 1999). It lies at the junction line of the mainland and Truong Sa (Spratley) island, 120 km from Phan Thiet City, 200 km from Vung Tau City, 330 km from Con Dao (Paulo Condor) and 540 km from Truong Sa Island. It is close to the international maritime route.

Dinh Thay Temple Festival
HTML clipboardTime: From the 14th to the 16th day of the ninth lunar month.
Place: Dinh Thay Temple, Tan Hai Commune, Ham Tan District, Binh Thuan Province.

Ke Ga Light House
HTML clipboardKe Ga light house was completed in February 1897 by French architect Savant. It is 65m above the sea level and has 184 steel spiral steps leading to the top of the tower.

The lying Buddha
HTML clipboardCharacteristic: The Buddhist statue “Buddha joining into Nirvana”, or “The lying Buddha”, 49 meters long, was sculptured in 1962 on Ta Cu Mountain.

Thuy Tu Temple
HTML clipboardThe Van Thuy Tu Temple on Ngu Ong Street (Fisherman Street, Duc Thang ward) is the oldest temple dedicated to whale worship. Built in 1762, the temple now contains over 100 whale skeletons and other strange species of fish, most of which are 100-150 years old. Most noteworthy is a 22 meter whale skeleton, which is estimated to have weighed 65 tons when alive. The temple was recognized as a national relic site in 1996.

Poshanu Towers
HTML clipboardLocation: Poshanu Towers, 7 km to the North–East of Phan Thiet City, are located on Ong Hoang (Mr. Heaven) Hill. Built by the Cham people in the late 8th century, this group of towers worships the Shiva Genie, who is highly respected by the Cham.

Podam Cham Tower
HTML clipboardLocation: The group of Pô Dam Cham tower temples are located at the foot of Ong Xiem mountain belonging to the locality of Phu Lac commune - Tuy Phong district - Binh thuan province, about 11.0 Km North West of Phan Thiet city. The building techniques as well as the architectural art are similar to Poshanu tower temple group's, this group had the epoch from half the end of the eighth century to the beginning of the ninth century and they belong to Hòa Lai art and architectural style.

Fairies’ Stream
HTML clipboardSuoi Tien (Fairies’ Stream) is a natural beauty spot with a magnificent mountain-water view, a primitive environment untouched by human beings.

Ganh Son
HTML clipboardGanh Son (cliff) in Chi Cong Village, Tuy Phong District landscape that nature has endowed to Binh thuan Province.

Doi Duong Beach
HTML clipboardBeside such famous beaches in Binhthuan as On Dia, Bai Truoc, Bai Sau, Mui Ne . .. Doi Duong Beach is one of the ideal places with pure and fresh environment.

Bau Trang
HTML clipboardLocation: Bau Trang (white lake) is a famous land-space in Hong Lam Hamlet, Hoa Thang Village, Bac Binh District, about 65 km North East of Phan Thiet City. It is a fresh-water lake formed long ago and located amid the endless sand hills.

Cau Isle
HTML clipboardCau isle is a young island rising in the sea, about 9 km from the seashore, it is possible to come to this isle from several different points such as Phuoc The commune, Vinh Hao commune, Binh Thanh or from Ca Na. The time depends on each wharf but on average, it takes about 40 minutes to come to this island by motorized sampan. Cau isle is about 119 km North East of Phan Thiet City.

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