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Ba Vi National Park
HTML clipboardLocation: Along with Cuc Phuong National Forest, Ba Vi National Park is thought of as the natural “air - conditioner” or “green lungs” of the northern delta and the city of Hanoi within. Ba Vi is located in Ba Vi District, Ha Tay Province, 60 km west of Hanoi. It was elevated to national park status on December 18, 1991.

Water Puppet
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Mua Roi Nuoc or Water Puppet is a unique art which has it origin in the delta of the Red river in the tenth century. The farmers in this region devised a form of entertainment using what natural medium they can find in their environment.

Dong Mo King Island's Golf Club
HTML clipboardLocation: Situated 36km west of Hanoi, 45km from Noi Bai International Airport, in Dong Mo, Son Tay Town, Ha Tay Province.
Characteristic: Kings� Island is the first 36-hole facility in northern Vietnam, including an air-conditioned clubhouse & restaurant, driving range, pro-shop, putting greens and sand bunker. It also has a clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts, sauna, guest villas, and boat dock.

Friendship Cultural Palace
HTML clipboardLocation: Friendship Cultural Palace is on Tran Hung Dao St., Hanoi.
Characteristics: The construction of the palace started on November 5, 1978 and completed on September 1, 1985. The Friendship Cultural Palace, also called Huu Nghi Cultural Palace, was a present from the USSR Central Trade Union Council to the Vietnam Trade Union.

Hanoi Opera House
HTML clipboardLocation: The Hanoi Opera House is situated on Le Thanh Tong St., Hanoi; near the Red River and several hundreds meters east of Hoan Kiem Lake.
Characteristics: It is an old theatre with French architecture and typical Gothic and Mosaic characters reflected on the door domes and the glassed room respectively

Hanoi Young Pioneer Palace
HTML clipboardLocation: Hanoi Young Pioneer Palace is at 36 Ly Thai To St., Hanoi.
Characteristics: During the French domination period, the building was divided into two parts: the northern area was a kindergarten and the southern area was a French club. After Liberation Day in October 1954, the building became the Young Pioneer Center, a recreation center for children

Hanoi Zoological Garden
HTML clipboardLocation: Hanoi Zoological Garden is on Cau Giay and Buoi streets, Hanoi; it is located on the west side of Hanoi center-city.
Characteristics: Hanoi Zoological Garden is the place where hundreds of animals are exhibited.

Ho Tay Water Park
HTML clipboardLocation: Ho Tay Water Park is located in Tay Ho District, Hanoi.
Characteristic: Ho Tay Water Park covers an area of 35,560m², comprising five entertainment sections. The first phase of its construction was completed on 19 May 2000, putting into operation several entertainment amenities.

Hoan Kiem Lake
HTML clipboardLocation: Hoan Kiem Lake is located in the center of Hanoi.
Characteristic: Hoan Kiem Lake also called Lake of the Restored Sword. The name Lake of the Restored Sword is derived from a legend.

Thong Nhat Park
HTML clipboardLocation: Thong Nhat Park is surrounded by Tran Nhan Tong, Le Duan, Dai Co Viet, and Nguyen Dinh Chieu streets in Hanoi.
Characteristics: Thong Nhat Park covers an area of more than 50ha. It is an elegant place in Hanoi.

West Lake - Ho Tay
HTML clipboardLocation: West Lake is in Tay Ho District, Hanoi.
Characteristic: West Lake, also called Ho Tay, is the biggest lake in central Hanoi, covering 500ha. In the past, West Lake used to be part of the Red River. West Lake, a beautiful spot in Hanoi, was once a resort for mandarins and kings.

Quan Son Lake
HTML clipboardLocation: Quan Son Lake is situated in My Duc District, Ha Tay Province. It covers an area of 850ha with nearly 100 mountains and a diversity of plantation on, pagodas and historic relics.
Characteristic: The lake water is clear with fresh air year round. Visitors to the lake will be taken by surprise at the natural beauty: the water, the clouds, the river and the mountains. Quan Son eco-tourism system is covered with rebirth-forests of rare plantation and animal species.

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