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Handicraft villages in Hanoi

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Chuyen My Village - pearl inlaying
HTML clipboardLocation: in Chuyen My commune, Phu Xuyen district, 40 km from Hanoi, Ngo Ha village (or another name is Chuon Ngo) is known as a famous Mother-of- pearl inlaid village for thousands years. Mr. Truong Cong Thanh, a military mandarin under Ly period is the great-grandfather of this career.

Phu Vinh Village - bamboo items
HTML clipboardPhu Vinh's introduction: Before 1960 - the age of cooperative associations, when Phu Vinh households were active in creating different patterns and making rattan and bamboo products to sell at streets in Hanoi for both the local people and the foreign tourists.

Chang Son Carpentry Village
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Location: Chàng Son, previously known as ChàngThôn (Thach Thât, Hà Tây), was known all over the Doài area as a village with numerous traditional handicrafts.

Characteristic: Chàng Son could be summarized as a region of large population, of little harvesting soil, and of hundreds of crafts”.

Son Dong Village - statues making
HTML clipboardLocation: in Son Dong hamlet, Son Dong Commune, Hoai Duc district, 25 km from Hanoi capital, since the French domination period, there were a lot of artisans who were granted medal.

Vong Village - com making
HTML clipboardLocation: Vong Village is in Cau Giay District, 7km from centre of Hanoi.
Characteristic: This village is famous for com making

Le Mat village - snake village
HTML clipboardThe name Le Mat, according to history, appeared before the time of Le Canh Hung (1740 -1786), but it was just acknowledged as a commune level administrative unit from the beginning of Nguyen dynasty, means that in the early of 20th century.

Flower villages around Hanoi
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Characteristic: The area of Tay Ho, Quang Ba, Ngoc Ha, Huu Tiep, Dai Yen were the flower-growing land. Overtime, Hanoi has come into its times of modernization and industrialization. The traditional surrounding flower villages have been turning into "villages within the city".

Dinh Cong Jewelry Village
HTML clipboardLocation: Dinh Cong Jewelry Village is located on the To Lich river bank is Dinh Cong Thuong Village, also called Dinh Cong kim hoan (Jewelry). It belongs to the present Thanh Tri District, Hanoi.
Characteristic: The name of the village shows us it is already famous for jewelry handicraft.

Bronze casting village of Ngu Xa
HTML clipboardLocation: In Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.
Characteristic: The village of Ngu Xa appears as a small peninsula near the Truc Bach Lake. It�s where many sophisticated bronze products were produced for the needs of the ancient capital of Thang Long.

Bat Trang Pottery Village
HTML clipboardLocation: Bat Trang Pottery Village is located in the south east of Hanoi, passing Chuong Duong Bridge turns right and go about 10km along the dike of Red River. Bat Trang belongs to Bat Trang Commune, Gia Lam District, Hanoi.
Characteristic: This is a pottery village with a half-millenary historic development.

Van Phuc Village - silk making
HTML clipboardVan Phuc Silk Village - Vietnam traditional villages
Just 15km to the west of Ha Noi is a place renowned over centuries for its silk-making and silk products –The village is in the centre of Ha Dong Town, Ha Tay Province, and the biggest silk production village in Vietnam. The sound of looms has filled Van Phuc for a thousand years, and is a touching sound to villagers when returning from far away.

Long dress village
HTML clipboardSince long time, the image of charming girl in long dress of different elegant colors is a symbol of Vietnam and long dress is a cultural product and traditional cloth of Vietnam. But when did it appear and where is its origin....?

La Phu sweater village
HTML clipboardLa Phu was a leading village in commune, belonging to Hoai Duc district, Ha Tay province which was we known in capital city about their top weaving products to offer to King. Nowadays, La Phu is one of the richest handicraft village with woolen weaving for export. La Phu people has created their own marvelous history...

Nhi Khe wood turning village
HTML clipboardLocation: in Nguyen Trai commune, Thuong Tin district, 20 km south east from Ha Noi, this is cultural and traditional village where is home town of famous hero Nguyen Trai and is the historical wood turning village.

Kieu Ky Village - gold leaf making
HTML clipboardKieu Ky - a suburb commune in Gia Lam district, has been well known for two traditional professions: production of thin gold-leaves and leather-made goods

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