Tourist Attractions in Hai Phong

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Tourist Attractions in Hai Phong

Hai Phong - General Information
Area: 1,520.7 sq. km.
Population: 1,803.4 thousand habitants (2006)

Ben Ngu ( Royal Berth)
HTML clipboardBen Ngu (Royal Berth) is an important end of Hoang Van Thu street at Hai Phong Post office. This is a place where Van Cao an exquisite talented musician was born and grown up.

Cat Ba Island
HTML clipboardLocation: Cat Ba Island is situated in Cat Hai District, Hai phong City.
Characteristics: Cat Ba Island is a tourist spot, attractive for its natural beauty and wonders endowed by nature.

Do Son Beach
HTML clipboardLocation: Do Son Beach is situated in Do Son Dist., 20km from the southwest of Hai phong City, about 120km from Hanoi.
Characteristics: Do Son Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Vietnam.

Du Hang Pagoda
HTML clipboardLocation: Du Hang Pagoda is located at 121 Du Hang Street, Du Hang Kenh Ward, Le Chan District, Haiphong.
Characteristics: The pagoda is considered an ancient architectural relic of the city.

Elephant Mountain
HTML clipboardThrough Kien An district, visitors will see Mountain Elephant (An Lao district). Mountain Elephant looks like a huge elephant lying between paddy field and blue sky, with an area of more 1km2, 145m high reflected in Lach Tray river.

Flower shops
HTML clipboardFlower shops in the city center were built in late 1941 by Luciana - the city's Mayor who was responsible for designing and the Chief of Civil -Gochie for designing fine arts. Each flower shop is supported by 4 round wooden pillars and has a curved roof made of curricula-shaped tiles harmoniously combining the Western and Eastern architecture styles.

Hang Kenh Communal House
HTML clipboardLocation: Hang Kenh Communal House is situated in Du Hang Kenh Ward, Le Chan District, Hai phong City.
Characteristics: It is famous for its valuable wooden sculptures.

Lap River -Tam Bac Lake
HTML clipboardBelonging to the former An Bien Commune, the lake is currently located in the center of the City. In 1885, the French colonialists widened and straightened Liem Khe rivulet in An Bien commune to 2,800m long, 74m wide and 7m deep to create a boundary canal separating Western community from Vietnamese community, Tam Bac River to Cam river were connected.

Nghe Temple
HTML clipboardLocation: Nghe Temple is situated in Me Linh Ward, Le Chan District, Hai phong City, about 600m from the Municipal Theatre towards the south-west.
Characteristics: The temple is devoted to the cult of Le Chan, a woman general in the insurrection of the two Trung Sisters.

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