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Alba Wellness Resort
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At Alba Wellness Resort, you are invited into an exclusive journey which encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind and a tranquil spirit, using Alba natural hot spring as its core.

Inspired by incomparable healing qualities of Alba natural hot spring, which was discovered since 1928 under the foot of Truong Son Mountains, we devised a holistic wellness concept for harmony in life by combining health and pleasure to enable each individual to experience relaxation, happiness and joy.

As always sensitive to elegance and beauty, we conceived a unique environment to re-discover your true self through a journey surrounded by nature where time is suspended and emotions are rejuvenated.

This is Alba Wellness Resort, a Vietnamese countryside property built on the very birthplace of Alba natural hot spring. Considering this mineral water the “Holy grail”, we strive for transferring its magic into reality, through a series of wellness treatments and activities. While enjoying tranquility and nature, you will be provided untraditional forms of rest in pleasant environment and professional services that allow you to relax, to care about your body, to look into your soul and to reproduce energy through improved nutrition.
 Alba Wellness Resort conveys our wish for a joyful and balanced life. By enjoying a journey of wellness with us, you will achieve a feeling of calmness and a sense of generosity to remain healthy and happy.
 Surrounded by tropical forests, lakes, gardens and tranquil bamboo paths, Alba Wellness Resort has 56 rooms and bungalows divided into two separate areas: 30 Deluxe Rooms and 26 Bungalows. Deluxe Room is designed with a sense of contemporary Japanese style while Bungalow evokes the rustic beauty of Vietnamese countryside with cottage roofs, bamboo fences and small vegetable gardens. All of rooms and suites are elegantly decorated with Vietnamese traditional crafts and are fully equipped for comfort and relaxation.

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