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    Telephone code: (84-58)
    Area: 5,257 km2
    Population: 1,031,262

    Nhatrang is the main city of Khanhhoa Province, is famed as the finest city beach in Vietnam. The town is also a key transport crossroads, with Cam Ranh harbor. The vibrant local economy is based on fishing, tourism, forestry product and it's comprehensive infrastructure. Ethnic minorities include the Ede, the Cham and the Raglai.

    Nhatrang beach

    Ponagar tower
    Built in the ninth century by King Harivacman, boasts a group of Cham towers and a stunning 2.6m tall statue of Ponagar, wife of the god Shiva.

    Nhatrang Cathedral
    Built by the French in 1928 and equipped with a grand clock and three giant bells, all still in fine working order.

    Hon Chong
    An imposing rocky promontory virtually in the city centre. It is said to resemble a human hand reaching out to sea.

    Doc Let Beach
    50km north of Nhatrang, is a popular tourist destination with 10km of white sand beaches, moderate surf and clean air.

    Dien Khanh Beach
    Was built in the 18th century by King Nguyen Anh in an architectural style influenced by contemporary Western palaces.

    Dai Lanh Beach
    80km north of Nha Trang, is a beautiful resort that also houses some relics of the American War.


    Phanthiet is the main city of Binhthuan province, Phanthiet has a long coastline with a hot, mainly dry climate and average temperatures of a little more than 27 degrees. The population includes descendants of the Cham, who ruled the area until 1692. Phanthiet is famed throughout the country for is fish sauce Vietnam's leading brand.

    Cape Mui Ne

    Duc Thanh School
    Where President Ho Chi Minh taught in 1910 -1911 before he left for Saigon. The school was transformed into a museum to display exhibits about President Ho Chi Minh's revolutionary ideas and life.

    Po Sha Nu Tower
    An ancient site now recognized as the crowning glory of Cham architecture. The complex lies on a hill 6km north-east of Phanthiet, and has three tower still standing and ruins of many more.

    Hon Rom
    New resort just opened in an outstanding beauty spot.

    Cape Mui Ne
    A glorious 21 sq km of deserted beach and towering coconut palms. The palm eventually gives way to a sea of rolling red sand dunes. Don't forget your camera: the blue water, golden sand and reed dunes are a photographer's dream.

    Phu Quy Island
    A favorite spot for ecotourism with a long white sandy beach and nine small offshore islands