Michael Dent came to Vietnam on 01May 2011

Hi Nga,
Yes the trip was good - thankyou for asking.
The Emotion was excellent and my girlfriend was able to come on the boat with me to go diving. She went kayaking instead, so that worked really well.

The last day a storm threatened and we were taken to a hotel. This did not work well as they wanted us to pay for dinner. It eventually got sorted but took a long time and we were very hungry. I also ended up a bit stressed that no one seemed to believe that we were on an all exclusive trip and they were not prepared to do anything until they had checked with the Emotion. As everyone there had gone home this was a big problem. In the end we decided to just catch a taxi into the town and eat there. But as we were leaving we were asked to come back as they had eventually found out that we were meant to be on full board.
I will be back in VN in September - this time in Saigon. I would definitely like to do something interesting there. And also see a local football match if possible.
Kind regards