Lori and Mike came to Vietnam on 17 Apr 2021
Hello Thu Huong, friends and family:
 Well, after many hours of careful editing, Mike has created four masterpieces – if I may be so bold as to brag. The bad news – we didn’t make it as “bite sized” as we’d hoped. There was just too much amazing stuff to share (and several people already commented they couldn’t wait to see more!). The good news is we broke it into four pieces so you can view at your leisure. We also put some music with it to enhance your viewing pleasure and basically made each a video with short timing for each photo.
 The way to see the photos is to go to Vimeo - http://www.vimeo.com/user7104209/videos (you can also just go to www.vimeo.com and search on things like “Lori and Mike’s Vietnam vacation” or “Mike Mulligan Vietnam” and you’ll find them)
 You’ll see there are 4 videos – the first two tell the story of the trip, the others let Mike expand on his artistic side. The suggested order is:
 1. Lori and Mike’s Vietnam Vacation – The South (12 minutes of photos)
 2. Lori and Mike’s Vietnam Vacation – The North (15 minutes)
 3. Through Mike’s Eye (6 minutes) – for those of you who want to see more great photos
 4. Echoes of War (6 minutes) – for those of you who are interested in the war history (and like Pink Floyd)
 Depending on the speed of your internet connection, you may need to allow time for it to buffer, unless you turn HD off (works fine on ours with no buffering but no guarantees). We suggest you have the volume on so you can enjoy the music (carefully selected!). The four little arrows on the lower right corner let you go to full screen. We found the quality to be OK on full screen if it’s HD but not so good if you turn it off (so basically, look at them in the small view if you turn HD off).
 For those of you who like to travel, I think you will want to buy a ticket to Vietnam as soon as you can! If you want to go, I know just the person to help you plan your trip. 
 It’s been a labor of love (bordering on obsession) for Mike, and even though I was there and saw these sights, I’m amazed at what he has created. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed the trip.
 Lori and Mike