Christelle, France, enter Vietnam 09 Apr 2021
 Sorry for the late reply. I am now back from my travel in Vietnam and have more time to answer to you.
 I really enjoyed the 2 days tour through Ha Giang, Dong Van and Meo Vac. I saw so many beautiful landscapes and people on the road. My guide was eventually Van, and not Thien. I already knew him since he was our guide for trecking through Ha Giang area and ethnical minority villages the day before.
 Van was a really good motor driver, I had a whole trust in him despite the road conditions not always really good and the big cars on the opposite side. So I was glad to have Van as a safe driver. Despite his poor English we could also understand each other throught body language and some words in English.
 He also stopped whenever I wanted to take some pics on the road.
 The only thing needing improvements is maybe the material he got that was poor for safety (a mirror was missing on his moto and I had no shoulders and legs protection provided). Giving him better material would be much more comfortable for him but also for the traveller.
 Also, the accommodation in the homestay is OK but could be a little bit more comfortable after a while day of moto driving.
 Could you please send to Van some pictures I took during our travel through the Ha Giang region (enclosed on this email) ? It is a way for me to thank him for all the time he spent driving me on the road.
 Thank you in advance,