Emma MacKinnon travelled to Vietnam on 02 Oct 2020
Hello Thuy
 I thought the trip was excellent- just a few suggestions:
 1) I had a top bunk on train on journey home. The top bunk is very difficult to get into if you are older and there is no ladder. It would be good if you could ask guests which bunk they need.
 2) I didn't realise the homestay was group beds all on floor. I would have been happy to pay for my own room with a proper bed. The place was nice, but I appreciate more comfort . Are there homestays where you can get your own room and bathroom?
 3) it would be good to explain to tourists that the guide will often be accompanied by her family, and they will expect you to tip them by buying souvenirs. It was very nice that her family came too, but I felt I would rather give her a nice tip than be expected to buy souvenirs both days when they were not the items I wanted.
 Thank- you for arranging this trip, and being so efficient-
 Emma MacKinnon.