Mr Thomas go travelling Vietnam on 4 May 2021

Dear Ms Sunny,
 We had a great time! Really good!
 Thumbs up for the crew. Especially tourguides Tim Tam & Kenny. They told us a lot of information and were great fun!
 Thankfully the weather was good!
 The activities were very nice and we saw the monkies while kayakking.
 The food was very good, but it was a little bit too much for us. We are not used to eat so much during lunch, and they kept bringing plates with delicious food. We thought it was impolite not to try everything. But after a while we stopped some plates, because we were really full! But the taste was good!
 And a minor point, after a while there wasn't any cold beer left. Maybe they could cool some more beer!
 Just some little things I wanted to share with you! But overall a very nice cruise, and we were very happy with the choice of V-spirit!
 Thanks again and best regards,