Maria, traveling Vietnam on 3 Aug 2014
Dear Thanh, I hope you are fine
 Today is my first day at work after my Summer break. And it is now when I can give you my feedback about your service.
 We are really happy with the experience and with your help and service. Everything was fantastic and we enjoyed a lot your country despite of the high humidity and the hot weather.
 Although I must admit that I felt a little bit nervous when the Reception (Golden Sun Suites Hotel in Hanoi) did not know where were our train tickets to Sapa. Luckily it was just a little scare.
 The Halong Bay trip was wonderful. The boat, the cruise staff and the tour guide were excellent. We enjoyed very much the experience and everything was as expected.
 The Pumpkin train was quite good. It was more comfortable than I expected. However, Mekong Express bus experience was not as good. Unfortunately we were not very lucky.
 On our way to Phnom Penh (from Ho Chi Minh) the air conditioning did not work during two hours and we had to change the bus. And after that, we had to stop because of some technical problems with the bus.
 After one and a half hours the bus driver and workmates solved the problem and we were able to keep on the journey. I am sorry to say that It was a horrible experience.
 Fortunately the bus journey from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap was very good.
 Honestly, in my opinion, Mekong Express is not the best way to travel to Cambodia. Very old and not updated buses.
 And the experience at the frontier of Cambodia was a little bit confusing. We had to pay 25$ instead of the 20$ as you told me. And they do not need any picture of you.
 We didn't know what to do. Definitely they need more coordination and a better process to provide the visa.
 And to conclude I want to thank you very much for your kindness and help. For sure, I will recommend your agency to my friends.
 Thanks once more!
 Take care