Alexander Kägi, Switzerland citizen, came to Vietnam on 12 Feb 2010

HTML clipboardDear Ms. Nguyen Thi Nga,
 First of all a big thank you for your great help and services!
 I´ve tried to find some time to write a travel resumée, but I was very tired in the evenings due to jetlag.
 But now I have some time and I really much like to write a feedback.
 Firstly we all really loved the vacation in Vietnam. Your services were absolutely perfect, you answered very quickly to all our questions. We are all very satisfied. Thank you.
 Don´t worry about the car pick up from the airport in HCMC, we already suspected that the driver wouldn´t wait so long, as we had 1 and a half hour delay plus the Visa on arrival took quite some time. So when we got out of the airport we didn´t search long for the driver and took a taxi.
 We have been informed about the breakfast problems at Thanh Kieu when the manager of the hotel came back from his holidays. He was very kind and skilled in English and gave us back a little amount of money, and from this point we ate right next to Thanh Kieu hotel in the Cassia Cottage, which has a very diversed buffed. - It wasn´t big of a problem.
 The Metropole hotel pleased us very much, diversed breakfast buffet. Clean and big rooms with good view. Actually I am surprised that they close because the hotel is in a very good condition and doubtlessy worth the money and I would definitely recommend it to anyone travelling to Saigon. On our second stay period at the hotel we even got 3 room upgrades to 3 suites, which were absoulety gorgeous!! I don´t know why we got them but we were very pleased! So that was more than enough of a compensation for the failed car pick up at the airport :)
 So Metropole hotel was superb.
 Further about the Mekong 3 day tour. There is just one word to describe it: unsurpassable. - The whole tour was absouletly gorgeous. When we arrived at the Le Cochinchine we were quite overwhelmed when we noticed that we were the only guests on the boat and we had the whole crew just for us! The service and food were excellent. I really much liked to dine while floating on the river and watching the landscape.
 The boat is in a very good condition and beautiful. And the evenings and sunsets on the boat were intoxicatingly beautiful.
 But the biggest joy was the guide - Mr. Christoph. He knew everything we asked him, we had quite some long talks about Vietnamese culture, the history, people and so on. A really experienced and wise man. We would recommend him as a guide to everyone. Please send him Greetings and again a big Thank you from us!
 And in the end the Thanh Kieu resort. The staff was kind and Hung could speak good english. The garden of the resort was nice and the 3 beach front bungalows were cozy. They are pretty basic but I like that. The beach of the resort was beautiful but the rainbowbar really doesn´t fit in the scene. I think they should restore it as it disturbs the ambience. Just a little bit of painting, maybe some nice chairs and tables and menu cards. Though I noticed that the Thanh Kieu Resort is currently setting up an own restaurant right at the beach, that´s really good. So we mostly ate dinner at the Mai House restaurant and the Cassia Cottage restaurant which were both very delicate. So in conclusion the Thanh Kieu Resort was quite good with some little improvements to make like an own restaurant, restoring the rainbow bar, and maybe a breakfast buffet.
 About Phu Quoc Island in general I can say it was really paradise. Few tourists, gorgeous landscape to be discovered with a motorbike, beautiful beaches ( Bai Sao, and the resort beach Bai Truong or Cocobeach ), kind people and delicious food.
 So after the vacation I can say that we are definitely going back to Vietnam someday. It is a pearl and actually I´d like to go back to Vietnam immediately to spend some more weeks :)
 And when we visit Vietnam again we are doubtlessly planning our trip with you again. Once again I would like to thank you for your great services and the gift you sent us to Thanh Kieu Resort when we were leaving. It is a really nice picture of Phu Quoc :)
 Goodbye until next time :)
 Best Regards
 Alexander Kägi and Oliver Kägi, Ildiko Kägi, Daniel Loosli, Sandra Loosli, Daniela Loosli